High Vitamin Butter Oil

What is High Vitamin Butter Oil?

High Vitamin Butter Oil

High Vitamin Butter Oil (HVBO) is the oil extracted from the milk of dairy cows grazing on natural green pastures. This oil is highly coveted within the supplement industry for its high levels of Vitamin K2, the "Activator X" whose synergistic properties with Cod Liver Oil can provide a wealth of natural health benefits.

The quality of High Vitamin Butter Oil is largely dependent on the diet of the cows providing the milk. Cows weaned on a typical grain diet do not yield a milk high enough in vitamin content to be suitable for butter oil extraction. Dairy farmers supplying High Vitamin Butter Oil for supplement manufacturing must ensure optimal growing conditions for the green pastures that supply nutrition to their cows. This includes a fair climate, proper irrigation, and a particular species of quickly reproducing green grass. The result is a highly fertile herd of cattle that is able to provide a copious volume of fresh milk with the highest possible levels of Activator X.

Activator X

Dr. Weston Price, the highly regarded doctor who researched the impact of nutrition on public health, was responsible for discovering High Vitamin Butter Oil from green pastures in the 1930's. He dubbed it "Activator X," or "X Factor," and went on to study the benefit of blending High Vitamin Butter Oil with Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

How Is High Vitamin Butter Oil Produced?

  1. Milk: Cows are allowed to graze on rich, green pastures, producing a high-vitamin milk.
  2. 2. Butter: The milk is processed, extracting butter.
  3. 3. Butter is either heat separated to make Ghee or centrifuged and condensed to make High Vitamin Butter Oil.
Benefits of Grass Fed Cows

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Butter Oil vs. Grain Fed Butter Oil

The undeniable link between nutrition and health is tightly woven in every species. People given a healthy, whole-food diet rich in nurients will thrive and enjoy good health. The same is true for the dairy cows who supply us with milk. Laboratory tests tell us that grass fed butter oil is more than 3x more nutrient-dense than grain fed butter oil. Grass fed butter oil is a darker color, has a broader spectrum of vitamins including Beta Carotene, and is a concentrated source of organic nutrients. Taking a closer look at a day in the life of a cow will explain exactly why this phenomenon exists.

Pastured cows are milked once a day. They eat a diet of pure, organic vitamin-rich green grass and are allowed to roam the pasture and exercise. Grass-fed cows are under very little stress and enjoy the health benefits of a whole-grain diet.

Feedlot cows are milked three times a day. They eat a low-nutrient diet of grains and spend the majority of their time in confinement with very little space. Grain-fed cows live a stressful life and are usually raised on a GMO diet.

Clarified Butter/Ghee

Clarified Butter/Ghee is used for cooking. Continued processing of butter yields a clarified butter/ghee, a concentrated solid comprised of fat and fat-soluble vitamins in which water and milk products have been removed. Ghee is NOT the same as High Vitamin Butter Oil. It is a delicious high-heat oil used in gourmet cooking, but is NOT a superfood. Ghee is cooked at a high temperature, which destroys some of the nutritional quality. It is not as concentrated as High Vitamin Butter Oil. In fact, a person would have to consume a whopping eight tablespoons of ghee versus the recommended half teaspoon serving of High Vitamin Butter Oil in order to glean the equivalent amount of Vitamin K.

High Vitamin Butter Oil

High Vitamin Butter Oil is used as a nutritional supplement. When butter is cold pressed and centrifuged, the solid fats separate from the oils, yielding a skim of high vitamin butter oil that is the most nutrient-dense source of Vitamin K2, or Activator X, available. The liquid and butter wax are removed, leaving a concentrated High Vitamin Butter Oil devoid of moisture, lactose, and milk protein. It is done at a raw temperature, which preserves the delicate vitamins and the low chain fatty acids that are denatured when heated.

What is the Benefit of High Vitamin Butter Over Grocery Store Butter or Ghee?

In order to yield a butter (or a high vitamin butter oil) with a remarkable Vitamin K content, the milk used has to come from cows that graze exclusively on green pastures. The majority of dairy cows used for butter production today are simply fed grain or corn, which is less expensive, but does not yield the same results. Therefore, very few grocery butters have a high Vitamin-K content, where all High Vitamin Butter Oil supplements deliver a measurable Vitamin-K serving.

It may be possible for some people to source unprocessed, natural butter. In order to glean the highest benefit in colder climates, the butter would need to be purchased in the spring and early summer in bulk and stored for use in the other seasons. This is because the vitamin content of the butter oil in the milk is minimal after the spring and early grass dissipates. Even if a person was to purchase vitamin-rich grass-fed butter from a local dairy farm, they would need to consume twelve times the amount of butter or eight times the amount of ghee versus High Vitamin Butter Oil. This is problematic for those on a low-fat diet, for children, and for those with health concerns that make high-fat butter an impractical Vitamin-K source. High Vitamin Butter Oil is a concentrated vitamin-rich form of grass-fed butter, so concentrated in fact, that it takes 8 POUNDS of cream to make 1 JAR of High Vitamin Butter oil.

Additionally, high quality High Vitamin Butter Oil is Lactose free and Milk Protein free, making it safe for most dairy allergy sufferers. It is very temperature stable and moisture free, which prevents the fatty acid oxidation responsible for the shorter shelf life of butter.

Health-Enhancing High Vitamin Butter Oil:

What Did Dr. Weston A Price Discover About High Vitamin Butter Oil?

Dr. Weston A. Price, the so-called "Charles Darwin of Nutrition," spent sixty years comparing the habits of robust ancient cultures to the declining health of modern society. He studied the people of underdeveloped societies who were enjoying good health in the absence of modern conveniences and processed foods.

After Dr. Price's discovery Activator X, the Vitamin-K credited with enhancing nutrient absorption, he promoted the supplementation of diets with High Vitamin Butter Oil.

The importance of Dr. Weston A. Price's Activator X discovery was the realization that High Vitamin Butter Oil had the ability to enhance the health benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil. According to Price, each one singularly had powerful health benefits, but together, the two "worked like magic."

High Vitamin Butter Oil Potential Health Benefits:

Are there any side effects of High Vitamin Butter Oil?

High Vitamin Butter Oil promotes healthy digestion and encourages the movement of food through the digestive tract. As your body acclimates to High Vitamin Butter Oil supplements, you may experience some digestive upset including loose stools. Most people find that starting at a lower dosage and gradually building up to the recommended daily intake eases this minor effect.

Are there Any Contraindications for High Vitamin Butter Oil Use?

High Vitamin Butter Oil is high in Vitamin K2. Talk to your doctor about what level of K2 is safe for you if you are pregnant or nursing, have had a stroke, suffered a cardiac arrest, or have been diagnosed with a blood-clotting disorder such as Factor 5 Leiden.

High Vitamin Butter Oil Dosage

*Green Pastures sells its products as food, not as drugs, and therefore does not include dosage information on the labels. They do, however, publish copious amounts of information on their website regarding the nutritional information on each product, recommended dosage, and the results of tests performed on random batches. The Weston A. Price Foundation website also provides a wealth of information on High Vitamin Butter Oil and the science behind its potential health benefits..

The Weston A. Price Foundation Recommended Dosage of High Vitamin Butter Oil:

Which High Vitamin Butter Oil Product Does Peaceful Planet Recommend?

Green Pasture High Vitamin Butter Oil

Peaceful Planet analyzed the market and found that Green Pastures, the modern crusaders of the Dr. Weston A. Price Foundation, is the only company creating a High Vitamin Butter Oil product with high nutrient bioavailability. Their patented process, an exclusive in the supplement industry, centrifuges the butter without heat, maintaining the precious vitamins, minerals, and fatty acid chains. Their actual product is such a dense, natural concentration of High Vitamin Butter Oil, that the nutrient content of a single bottle is equal to nearly a dozen bottles of their closest competitor's product.

Green Pastures manufactures and distributes two High Vitamin Butter Oil products to Peaceful Planet. The first is the pure Green Pastures X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil, and the second is the Green Pastures Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend.

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